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Staff Spotlight: Kelsey Ward

Staff Spotlight: Kelsey Ward

Meet, Kelsey Ward. She's a passionate paraprofessional at Haynes Elementary School, and here's a quick peek into her world:

Family Love: Kelsey is a loving wife to Jeremy and a proud mom of three: Cooper, Mason, and Madison. Her family fuels her passion for education.

Outdoor Enthusiast: Beyond the classroom, Kelsey finds peace in fishing and hunting. Nature is her sanctuary.

Sonic Twist: Her Sonic guilty pleasure? Dr. Pepper with vanilla and peach – a delightful combination!

Mexican Delights: Mexican food is her ultimate comfort cuisine, and she can't get enough of it.

Future Teacher: Kelsey is on a mission to become a teacher, dedicating herself to learning and inspiring future generations.

Empowering Quote: Her favorite quote, "You are enough," embodies her philosophy of self-belief and positivity.

In Kelsey Ward, WFISD has a dedicated educator with a love for family, nature, and Mexican food, all driven by the dream of shaping young minds as a teacher.

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